Savage Carriers

Our standard self-propelled loader carrier can have fenders on the font, super singles or dual-wheels, brakes for the woods or on the road. Other options include grappel hook on front balster, boom supports, beam extenders, removable necks, slasher hitches on rear. 7-speed Fuller tansmission, Saur Dan Foss hydraulic motor is also standard. Solid steel front and rear suspension (no springs). Front axle osolates.

Carrier & Combo Trailers

Carrier trailers are becoming very popular. A Savage Combo unit – slasher and carrier all in one unit. Great for sorting long logs or 100″ wood. This unit has a 60″ saw and a front stabilizer. We can also have one flip up buttplate and one stationary for different length cuts. When transporting from job to job, front end easily raises for hookup to semi therefore becoming one unit.

Carrier Gallery