Tire Balers

A portable tire baler is a vertical down stroke portable baler which compresses approximately 100 whole passenger, light and commercial truck tires into a bale measuring 30″ X 50″ X 60″. The weight of the completed bale is approximately one ton. Weight of the bale can be increased to one metric tonne. 25-28 bales can be loaded into a 40 foot ocean container for export.

The baler and three persons are capable of averaging four bales an hour on a steady basis. The baler is also capable of baling other recyclables such as cardboard, aluminum, etc. With proper training, it is possible to incorporate two whole commercial truck tires or tractor tires in each passenger bale. This eliminates the need for a costly tire cutter. The completed bales are easily handled with a fork-lift, front-end loader or logger’s clam.

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